About me

Everywhere you turn, you can find dozens of graphic designers that say they are excellent in everything. I’m not one of them.

Professionally, I started as a graphic designer for the big press and media. Shortly after that, I learned how to walk with my head high in the world of 3D animations and well, along the path I also learned to master the maths of building websites. But it is only in the creation of logos, that my ability excels.

I assume after seeing my portfolio, some of you question all the confidence expressed. At a first glance you may or may not be impressed. My designs are the simplest creations and you probably will find yourself thinking any other child could easily be the author behind them. And that’s exactly what sets my work apart. My logos excel because they are simple, direct and clear – the very basics of good communication. Which always works. You can’t simply rely on an “pretty looking” logo if your aim is to give your brand or activity a strong identity.

You need the logo to communicate, without any doubts, what is your company about, who are the people behind it and who is the target. All this in one sign and only. Seems like a piece of cake to you?